I only have a point and shoot camera, can I still attend the course?

Yes indeed. To begin with, Photography is all about perspective where the equipment is not always the most important factor. As you progress you may upgrade your equipment in a phased manner. In the meantime if you are interested in using DSLR or Professional DSLR Cameras & Lenses, we shall be glad to provide rental solutions.

I don’t have a camera. Can I still attend the course?

Of course! We have Entry-level / Semi-professional / Professional DSLR cameras and lenses available in our inventory, which can be provided on rent during our workshops on a first-come first-serve basis. As our inventory is limited book early to avoid disappointment.

I’m not sure which course is right for me.

If you understand the logic behind your camera settings and are completely familiar with all the menus and buttons, then our Basic Photography Workshop is probably not right for you. In this case you should consider an Advanced Workshop.

I want to attend your workshops but the dates are NEVER right!

Our Customised Workshops are the right answer for you. You pick the dates and we conduct the workshop.

I can’t attend this month, when is your next workshop?

We conduct Photography Workshops regularly. Please visit our website for details or drop in a line to us.

Do you provide study materials?

Yes we provide study material in all our workshops.

Do I get a certificate?

Certificates are given to all participants in all our Workshops.

I don’t want to be part of a group.

We offer personalised workshops at your convenience and at a location of your choice.
How safe are your workshops for single women?

Our Photography mentor herself is a lady and always escorted by a responsible associate. Your security and safety is of prime importance to us. We take special care for safety and security of ladies at all our workshops.

Is it safe to enter the jungle?
Yes it is. Since living memory there has been no unprovoked attack on a vehicle in any wildlife habitat. Your safety and security is our prime concern and we will never put you at risk. You will always be escorted by trained naturalists / drivers during all your game drives and they shall ensure your safety and security. You will be provided with detailed guidelines to ensure your safety.

I am interested in a workshop for my company’s photography club / employees.
We conduct Customised Corporate and Community Workshops. Please drop in a line to us.

I notice that some of your Workshops, rates are separate for Indian Nationals and Foreign Nationals. Why is that?
We do not charge extra from foreign nationals, but certain state agencies do.

I don’t want to attend a workshop, can I still rent equipment?
Unfortunately not, currently our equipment rental service is only available during workshops.

Can I bring my spouse (and) children to your workshops?

Yes, of course. We would love to welcome and host your family. However, if your family wants to be on the same vehicle as other photographers the full charges will be payable, else a special family package shall be customised for you.

What will my spouse (and) child do when I am learning photography?

Most resorts have a spa and a children’s play area. Also extra-curricular activities can be arranged for your family, on request. Contact us for details.

What is the minimum age required to attend your workshops?

Age is never a barrier for learning and since we work with small groups you will not be lost in a crowd.

I feel I’m too old to attend your workshops.

There is no age limit for learning. Our workshops rarely involve strenuous physical activity and are suitable for all ages.

Do I have to live in a particular city or town to attend your workshops?

Certainly not! Everybody is welcome for our workshops. We will soon introduce our Photography Workshops in various Cities and Towns. In case you are attending our workshops by travelling from your place of stay, we can provide assistance in arranging your stay.

What happens if I need help / advise after the Workshop.

The Advantage of attending our Workshops is that, we offer you comprehensive post-workshop support. Our Mentor is available during business hours on all working days to provide necessary guidance.

Your workshops are too expensive!

In all our workshops, we ensure that the Lodging and Boarding is arranged in the best Lodges / Hotels / Resorts, to ensure a Safe and Comfortable stay during your participation in our Workshops.

For all your Game Drives, we ensure that there are only two participants in each game drive vehicle to provide you space to manoeuvre and making it comfortable for you to make wonderful photographs; We hire the best naturalists to ensure that you get the best of sightings and provide you the best possible photo ops; Our mentor does one game drive with each participant in every workshop on a one-to-on basis to ensure individual attention so that you hone your photography skills; In all our Wildlife Workshops, the curriculum includes sharing knowledge on the Basics of Digital Photography + Advanced Techniques + Post Processing; The group size is limited with a cap of six participants per workshop to ensure personal attention of Mentor to each and every participant.

I don’t want a workshop but I want you to talk to our school / college / club about photography.

Our PhotoTalk is the right solution. We deliver academic lectures on photography and also present slide shows for interested groups.

In your Wildlife Workshops, how do I arrange pick-up and drop from the Airport / Railway Station?

In all our itineraries, the contact details of the Lodges / Hotels / Resorts are provided. Please contact them directly for arranging surface transport. Or you can also drop in a line to us, which will be forwarded to the respective Lodges / Hotels / Resorts and they shall revert back to you with all details and also do all the necessary arrangements.

In case your queries are not answered above, please feel free to ping us / WhatsApp us on # +91-97179-25475, so that we can answer all your queries. Please visit or drop in a line to us at to get further details or LIKE our Face book page to be updated on our activities.


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